Precycling to Reduce Waste and Recycling

Precycling is a part of recycling too

You’re likely familiar with the three R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle. What you likely don’t know about is “precycling.” If you practice precycling, you’ll have a powerful tool you can use in your home waste management strategy. Here’s what precycling is and how it can help you at home.

What is Precycling?

Precycling is about being mindful of the way you shop and the materials you purchase. With this mindset, you are actively looking for ways to reduce waste of all kinds. For example, you can bring your own reusable grocery bags when you’re out grocery shopping, or you can buy fresh food that is not prepackaged. People who precycle actively refuse to buy products that use too much non-recyclable packaging.

By choosing to precycle, you’ll be supporting sustainable practices and companies when you go out shopping.

Precycle by Buying in Bulk

Precycling will reduce all types of waste, including recycling
By precycling and recycling, you can reduce the amount of waste you produce.

Plenty of grocery items can be bought in bulk, further reducing the amount of waste you produce. When shopping for food items like nuts, grains, and seeds in bulk, make sure you bring your own reusable bags and containers to cut down on your use of plastic bags.

Candy wrappers are another big source of waste. Instead of purchasing pre-wrapped candy, consider making your own or buying them in bulk. Store them in reusable containers as a part of your waste management strategy.

By taking a moment to actively reduce the amount of waste your produce by precycling, you’ll be saving the environment and lowering the amount of money you spend on prepackaged goods.

Precycling is the first step that everyone should take when it comes to waste management. The next best thing you can do is to recycle as much as you possibly can. At Sunrise Sanitation, we provide services such as a 24/7 recycling drop-off center for all your recycling needs. Contact us for more information.  

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