Organizing Your Refrigerator to Reduce Food and Energy Waste

Minimizing food waste with organized fridge

Did you ever think that organizational tactics could help you save energy and reduce waste? Wasting energy not only costs you money, but is not suitable for the environment. Simultaneously, if you waste energy while also producing garbage bags each week, you need to make some changes around your home to lessen your carbon footprint.

However, you may not have realized that simply organizing the refrigerator can help you save energy and reduce waste.

Re-organize your fridge and save energy.

How to Organize Your Refrigerator to Minimize Food Waste

When you organize your refrigerator to minimize food waste, you should opt for reusable containers with an airtight seal. Many of the prepackaged foods you see at the grocery store are stored in packaging that does not keep your food fresh. Not only this, but you should be putting items in the right part of the fridge. 

In most fridges, there are drawers or crispers where you should be storing your vegetables. Additionally, there should be a separate item for dairy products and meat. Once you start to package your foods the right way and store them in the right spot in the refrigerator, you can expect not to throw out as much food as it will be fresher for longer.

How to Organize Your Refrigerator to Reduce Energy Waste

You can also organize your fridge to reduce the amount of energy you are wasting. If you place everything in a way that makes them easy to find, you won’t be standing there with the door open while trying to pick something out. Keeping the door open lets out the cold air, and it makes the fridge work extra hard to get it back to its average temperature. A simple shift of your items so that they are easier to find can save you a lot of energy and money. 

For more tips to reduce waste, contact the experts at Sunrise Sanitation today. 


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