New Client Portal and Online Payment Services

Online Payment Services

Here at Sunrise, we’re always looking to improve our processes and communication with our customers.  One area we have been working on diligently to improve over the past few months is a new, secure customer portal hosted by our new software provider Soft-Pak.  Soon, we’ll be implementing software created specifically for the solid waste and recycling industry designed to make life easier for YOU, our customers. 

This new portal will enable customers to do so much more than just online payment services.  It will also enable you to accomplish the following new waste management services:

  • Review your prior invoices

    Online Payment Services
    Our new online payment service will make life easier for everyone and reduce paper waste.
  • Enroll in online billing
  • Review your payment history
  • Sign up for an auto-payment plan via credit card or eCheck
  • Update your account information 
  • Check your pick-up day
  • Sign-up for bulk goods collection

How it works

  1. Look for your one-time use code to create a login for the portal with your next invoice
  2. Go to our new client portal page to activate your one-time code
  3. Continue to use the old payment method until you receive your new code, or call our office – 301-334-6212 –  to get your code prior to receiving your bill

What’s in it for you?

Soft-Pak is engineered to make life easier for you, our valued customers, and improve communications between our home office, drivers, and customers. The biggest feature is the simplification of the invoice payment process – allowing customers to view their invoices and pay their bills online through our new Soft-Pak portal. You’ll also be able to see your invoice history, keeping better records of your bills, payments, and services from month to month.

The new portal lets you sign up for AutoPay, making the process even more seamless and hassle-free than before. Online payment services are not just efficient, but they will greatly reduce paper waste, making this service great for you and the planet. We love it when our services make your life easier while simultaneously reducing waste.

New Client Portal ServiceScheduling Services

Scheduling pick-ups and services will also become easier with our new customer portal.  Communication between trucks, drivers, and customers will be upgraded thanks to new technology. 

Each of our trucks now has an onboard tablet with cellular service built-in, enabling real-time communication between our base station and each driver, while also providing information about each truck.

Using email notifications, depending on each customer’s preference, our new digital communication system enables drivers to provide positive service verification for roll-off customers. You’ll get up to the minute confirmation that your scheduled services have been completed or roll-off containers have been dropped off or picked up.

We hope you enjoy the new client portal! If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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