New Look, Same Commitment to Prompt and Courteous Service

Sunrise Sanitation's New Client Portal Service

Our name has always been a mouthful as Sunrise Sanitation Services, Inc., so it is no wonder that over the last 44 years, our customers have just called us “Sunrise,” and we answer the phone with the same greeting.  While our full name will still be full of alliteration, we have refreshed our logo to better reflect our truncated name.  You can still call us “Sunrise Sanitation” if you like, but our new logo will just say “Sunrise” with the same clear sun and horizon you are familiar with and a refreshed font.

Waste Management SolutionsTo be perfectly clear, we are still the same company, with the same people, and the same commitment to meeting your solid waste disposal and recycling needs.

As you know, nothing happens overnight, and for us, it will take time to roll out our logo on our existing dumpsters, roll-offs, carts, and trucks.  It will be a gradual process but know that if you see our iconic sun and horizon, it is still the Sunrise you know!

There are other exciting changes on the near horizon that will improve communication between our trucks on route and our office and our online bill pay portal that we will roll-out in May.  Please stay tuned for additional communication regarding these changes as we continue to explore better ways to serve our customers.

Waste Management Solutions for Our Service Areas in West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania

Preventing accidents with garbage truck
It will take a little while to roll out the new logo on all trucks, but in the meantime, we continue our commitment to great service.

Over the years, we’ve expanded to new county locations throughout West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, and our services are continuously evolving to meet our clients’ unique needs. Every industry, business, and household has different requirements for waste management, and we strive to provide the best solutions for everyone. We’ve divided our services into five categories:

  • Waste Management for Your Home
  • Waste Management for Your Business
  • Waste Management for Your Job-Site
  • Onsite Storage Solutions
  • Recycling

We happily work with all industries, including but not limited to private homes, HOAs, resorts, retail outlets, restaurants, mining operations, manufacturing facilities, and construction sites, to find the best solutions for your solid waste and recycling needs.

Optional Services

Because your needs change, we have several optional solutions that you can apply to your service packages, as needed, like drop-off containers in various sizes for home remodeling projects or commercial construction sites. Besides commercial dumpster service, we also provide compactor services for businesses with limited space. We even offer bear-proof containers, a service tailored to meet the unique needs of our rural clients.

Waste Management Tips and Tricks

Waste management solutions aren’t just about picking up trash; they’re about providing solutions that will benefit our communities and keep our streets, parks, cities, schools, playgrounds, lakes, and rivers clean and trash-free. We also encourage our clients to be proactive in minimizing waste and implementing sustainable practices and home and work. For tips, tricks, insights, and awareness on how to reduce your waste output and improve recycling, follow our blog. Every service is part of our commitment to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

For more information on the counties we serve, give us a call. We look forward to serving you.

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