Lifestyle Changes for a Greener 2019


5 Green New Year’s Resolutions

As we prepare for a new year, we start thinking of all the things we want to achieve in the coming year. From losing weight to getting a new car or buying a new house, there are all kinds of different New Year’s resolutions but what if we thought of something that would not just have a positive impact on our lives, but on the environment, and the lives of many other people in the years to come?

Here are five resolutions for a greener new year:

Say ‘Bye’ to Plastic

We know plastic waste is a big deal. Our oceans are full of plastic so let’s try to minimize the use of it as much as possible. Carry a reusable bag with you when you go grocery shopping or to the farmer’s market, and get a reusable water bottle. Every little step counts.

5 Green New Year's ResolutionsBuy Locally

Make it a point to buy food that is locally grown and in season. The less your food has traveled, the fresher it will be. Plus, you’d be supporting local farmers.

Dry Your Clothes on a Clothesline

Did you know that the use of the clothes dryer uses up to 20% of domestic energy in the US? Minimizing the use of the dryer can save a lot of energy.

Use More Public Transportation

It might sound crazy, but more than 30% of the carbon dioxide emissions in the US are due to transportation, so whenever possible, swap your wheels for a bike, public transportation or walking.

Keep Your Vehicle in Good Shape

Tune up your engine periodically, check on your tires and inflate them once a month, if needed, and make sure you replace the air filter, too. With a new filter, you can get 10 percent more.

To help the environment, we can start small. Every little change makes a difference. Recycling is also a great practice. If you’re looking for top quality recycling services, contact Sunrise Sanitation today!

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