Just say NO to plastic bags

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Plastic bags have been around us for so long; they are part of our everyday life, yet, they are our worst enemy. They are not biodegradable and are responsible for a large part of the damage we are causing to the environment. Just think, it takes hundreds of years to break down plastic. Plastic bags break down in small particles that are never absorbed by the soil since it is non-biodegradable. When it finds its way to landfills, it leaks

Plastic bags today
Alternatives to plastic bags

pollutants, damaging the water and the soil. Burning it is not a solution as it produces toxic, carcinogenic fumes. It is virtually impossible to dispose of plastic. Sunrise Sanitation says NO to plastic bags

Just think of that, every time you accept one and hold it in your hand.

Plastic bags are a flaw

Plastic bags are the perfect example of convenience, of how we live our lives today. They are readily available and are widely used. You will find them in every shop you visit, in every size, color and shape possible. They represent one of the most significant dangers for our environment; they end up in rivers and oceans, killing wildlife on their path. Plastic bags are a dangerous hazard.

There are fortunately many alternatives to plastic bags today that are made of biodegradable material. 

Major Cause of Water Pollution

Recently some scientists found that plastic bags directly cause a lot of water pollution, and in turn, the infertility of the land. Then as plastic breaks down in small particles, it finds its way into the

The degree of pollution in our environment is rising by the day
Plastic bags directly cause a lot of water pollution

digestive systems of animals, and eventually ours.

Plastic bags today

Plastic bags and plastic, in general, are a real menace to the world today. Many countries impose a ban, but this is not always enforced, and the use of plastic bags remains unchanged. This has now become an emergency, and we must act now. Every day tons of plastic are again poured into our oceans when the situation is already critical. 

Please come and visit us at Sunrise Sanitation Services, we are the specialist when it comes to recycling and cleanliness. We will talk about the alternative bags available today, and help you make the switch.  We are located in West Virginia and Maryland, or you can give us a call. We take this matter seriously and pride ourselves on efficiency and professionalism. If you are not sure about recycling, we will kindly advise you on what is recyclable and how you can get started. 

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