Is There a Way to Destroy Data From a Hard Drive Permanently?

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When you have some old electronics that you no longer need, you might want to try and recycle them in order to help out the environment. Doing this can be a great choice but only if you make sure that all of the information of them has been properly erased beforehand.

Why is important to get rid of your data?

Most people think that pressing the delete button when having their hard drive plugged into their computer is going to be good enough. However, all this does is make the files no longer available to you. Someone using advanced data recovery methods can still access the information if needed.

Don’t forget to permanently destroy media on old backup devices before discarding them.

So when you are dealing with a hard drive that once contained incredibly sensitive information, you need to make sure that you are doing some hard drive destroying beforehand to prevent the recovery of this delicate content.

The Only Way to Permanently Destroy Data on a Hard Drive

If you are in need of some digital media destruction on a hard drive, then you will need to target something called the platter. This is often made out of either glass or aluminum and is what contains the series of 1’s and 0’s that make up the data.

Accessing these platters will involve taking off the steel sheathing that protects it, which can either be done with combination of tools or just by sheer force. Once you are able to get ahold of the platter, you can proceed with hard drive destroying by shattering the glass platter or significantly scratching the aluminum platter. Once this is done, the data will be effectively destroyed.

It is best to rely on a professional agency to handle this task for you since they know what they are doing and can successfully complete the media destruction so that there is zero chance of recovering anything. In order to get help with this process, make sure you contact us at Sunrise Shred today.

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