Include Bulky Items Pick Up in Your Residential Garbage Service

When donating items make sure they are still functional.

Do you ever want to get rid of things in your home, but are not sure how? Many people who have pieces of old furniture or larger, bulky items will hold onto these items for longer than they want because they are unsure how to dispose of them. The best way to do this is to hire a residential, bulk item pick up service. 

Getting rid of these oversized items can free up some space in your home and often is much less costly than you would think. Rather than spend time trying to lug everything to a thrift store or a dump, hire professionals to help you out. 

Large items left over from a home renovation can be taken away as a bulk item.

What is Considered Bulk? 

Anything that can not fit inside of your garbage bin is considered a bulk item. Whether it is an old chair, television, or even a refrigerator, you will want to make sure that these items are properly addressed, so that you aren’t stuck with them sitting in your garage year after year. 

When you hire a bulk item pickup service to take care of your larger items, you also don’t need to spend time transporting large items to the dumpsite. You can relax at home while the professionals come and get rid of your items. 

Bulk Item Pick-Up Service by Sunrise Sanitation 

When you hire Sunrise Sanitation for your residential garbage needs, you will also want to include bulk item pick up service. Sunrise Sanitation offers two bulk items per month, which can include anything from appliances and furniture to electronic waste or anything else that can’t fit in your trash.

By working with experts who take your needs seriously, you won’t have to worry about a thing or be stuck with bulky items taking up space in your home. 

Contact Sunrise Sanitation to learn more about our residential services. Getting rid of bulky items is much easier than you think.


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