How to Start Composting at Your Restaurant

How to Keep Pest Out of Garbage

Recycling food waste through composting at your restaurant will lead to significant reductions in waste. This can lead to savings in haulage fees, as well as being a more sustainable option. Composting is also viewed as environmentally friendly, which can help with the brand image or reputation of your business. Here are some ways to implement sustainable waste solutions and composting at restaurants. 

Composting at Restaurants

Reuse garden waste to create potent compost.

Food recycling is about more than just composting at your business. You can reuse leftover menu items or foods in several ways. For instance, the offcuts and carcass from a turkey dinner can be used to make soup the next day. Another option is to create menu items that use foods nearing the end of their usable life. This will prevent the foods from being wasted and thrown away. 

Creating a sustainable menu is another way to reduce waste while being creative in the kitchen. 

When starting a program for composting at your restaurant, look for commercial composting bins that are the appropriate size for the amount of food waste you generate. Also, make sure that they can contain odors or are placed somewhere that the odors won’t bother restaurant guests. 

If outside compost storage isn’t an option, there are indoor composting units specifically designed for restaurants.  

Improve Sustainability

For restaurants that keep their compost on-site, rather than having it hauled away, there are several options to use the compost once it is ready. One of these is to create an herb garden in the restaurant that can be used in menu items. This will add to the appeal of your restaurant and will also raise the sustainability rating of your restaurant. 

The compost material can also be used for decorative flower beds or if there is too much to be used by your restaurant, donated to a local community garden. 

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