How to Recycle Domestic Waste More Efficiently

Plastic filling up the streets

A lot of people don’t realize how much of an impact they can have by consistently doing some home recycling. While it may just seem like a drop in the bucket, when enough of these drops get together, it creates a lake. So whenever you make sure to recycle domestic waste, you’re making a difference.

The problem is that a lot of people are not recycling to their full potential. To help you unlock your full home recycling potential, here are tips on how to recycle domestic waste more efficiently.

Flatten Cardboard Boxes

When you’re just throwing your cardboard boxes into your home recycling bin in the same state that they came in, you’re taking up an unnecessary amount of space. This means your bin will get full much sooner. But by taking a couple of seconds to flatten out your cardboard boxes beforehand, you can maximize the number of boxes that can fit into your home recycling bin at the same time.

By flattening cardboard boxes, you can increase your recycling space by over 500%.

Any Plastic Bottle Can Be Recycled

A lot of people tend not to recycle certain plastic bottles like syrup bottles to salad dressing bottles because they don’t think that these are recyclable. But they are just as recyclable as any water bottle you might throw into the bin. So just make sure rinse them out first and then make sure to put into the appropriate home recycling bin.

Personal Documents Can Be Recycled

When someone has personal paper products like birthday cards, credit card statements, or business documents, they tend not to recycle this domestic waste because they don’t want to risk putting them into a recycle bin in one piece and having sensitive information stolen. But there is actually a way that someone can protect their information while also recycling these items. They just need to shred them first and then have them recycled by a service that handles paper shredding.

With these tips, you can successfully improve your home recycling efforts. And to further improve your recycling, make sure to contact us at Sunrise Sanitation Services.

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