How to Properly Dispose of Garden Waste

Make sure to properly dispose of your garden waste.

You may know how to get rid of paper and cardboard along with food waste, but you may be wondering what to do with garden waste. Garden waste disposal systems should be in place in all households so you don’t throw things in the trash that can actually go in the compost.

When thinking of garden waste disposal, you need to think of the different types. Sometimes you may find trash and litter on your property and in your garden, but these will go to a different place than leaves and grass. To determine the best tactics for garden waste disposal, you need to work with a sanitation expert.

Rules for Disposal of Garden and Yard Waste

When disposing of garden waste, you need to determine a system for the different types. For leaves, you most likely have a municipal service that comes around and collects compostable bags.

These need to be put in compostable bags for them to be picked up. In other situations, you’re going to want to put some of your garden waste into your compost like dirt. 

There tend to be four different categories when it comes to garden waste. They are:

  • Leaves and flowers
  • Grass and weeds
  • Tree bark and twigs
  • Fruits and vegetables

You can compost the fruits and veggies, but the others should be put into a special garden waste bin which will be collected. 

Reuse garden waste to create potent compost.

Reusing Garden Waste

In many cases, you may want to reuse your garden waste. A lot of the natural and organic material on your property can be put into the compost. You can also add eggshells and scraps from fruits and vegetables you have left from cooking, along with the dirt, grass, and weeds.

Throughout the summer, this mix will create a healthy fertilizer for your lawn and gardening. If there are dead pieces of a branch or other inert materials, you can put that into the garden waste bin.

When it comes to garden waste disposal, contact Sunrise Sanitation to get started.

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