How to Keep Your Back-to-School Shopping Spree Sustainable?

Sustainable school supplies

The best part of a new school year is all the new school supplies you get to buy. This is a great opportunity to get your kids involved in making eco-conscious choices. Shop for eco-friendly school supplies, and keep your back to school shopping sprees sustainable.

Sustainable school supplies

Eco-friendly school supplies
Use a laptop and recycled paper for eco-friendly school supplies.

There are plenty of ways to reduce your carbon footprint when shopping for school supplies. Eco-friendly school supplies are also becoming more and more popular, so they’re easier to find. However, most of the eco-friendly school supplies have always been around, you just need to know what to avoid and what to look for when you are hitting all the back-to-school sales.

Recycled pads and paper

When you’re buying paper products for your kids, look for recycled paper products. There are plenty of cool notepads made from recycled paper. Anytime you can use recycled materials, instead of sourcing new materials, you are reducing waste and your carbon footprint. If your kid is old enough, you could even ditch the notebooks and college ruled paper and use a laptop to take notes. Going digital is the most efficient way to reduce paper in the classroom.

Avoid plastic pens

Look for writing utensils that are made from eco-friendly materials. Even the classic Bic pens have an eco line. You can also look for pens that have been made of wood, instead of plastic.

Reusable lunch boxes

It’s time to retire the brown bag lunch or single-use plastic sandwich bags. Let your kid get that Frozen or Black Panther reusable lunch box, and find a cool reusable lunch box for your teenagers. When you are choosing materials, look for materials that have been sustainably sourced, or are easily recyclable.

Refillable water bottles

Eco-friendly school suppliesNo more single-use plastics or juice boxes with single-use plastic straws, get a refillable and reusable water bottle for your kids. A reusable water bottle is a sustainable choice, and it will keep your kid hydrated with fresh water, not sugary drinks.

Sustainable backpacks and bookbags

Whenever you’re shopping for backpacks and book bags, look for products that are made from sustainable materials, or companies who prioritize sustainable practices. It’s important that you know the companies that you buy from so that you can make smart consumer choices.

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