How to Dispose of Old Holiday Decorations Responsibly

How to Dispose of Holiday Decorations

Holiday Waste Disposal Tips

If it is still Christmas at home, now it’s a good time to put away the holiday decorations and dispose of any that are broken or old. Some items need to be toss in specific ways, so we would like to share with you how to dispose of old holiday decorations responsibly.

Broken Holiday Lights

Before you put non-functioning lights in your recycling bins, check out if any local retailers have a recycling program that receives holiday lights. If not, check your local recycling centers to dispose of them properly.

Otherwise, most of these lights can be recycled by specialty outfits that break them down into their brass, copper, glass, plastic, and parts.

Christmas Trees

Natural trees can be composted, recycled, and new trees can be planted with no waste. So you can simply drive it over to the nearest recycling center that accepts them. However, if you own an artificial version, unfortunately, it will end up in the closest landfill. Try to get as many uses out of this kind of tree and then try donating it before attempting to throw it out.

Holiday Waste Disposal TipsBroken or Old Ornaments

Ornaments will inevitably break from time to time, especially during the packing and unpacking of them. Broken things made of glass or plastic usually cannot be recycled and must be thrown into the garbage. Make sure you wrap the broken items in newspaper, to avoid them piercing the bag or harming the workers who collect the garbage.

Wrapping Paper and Gift Bags

You can reuse both items for the gifts of Christmas Future. When the papers and bags have finally served their purpose, you can recycle them.

Old Christmas Cards

Instead of hanging onto the pile of cards and box them up for another year you can cut them up and find a new purpose as gift tags for next year, recycle them or scan the ones you really want to hang on to.

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