How to Choose the Right Size Roll-Off Container

Dumpsters for construction sites

Depending on your business’s nature, how many employees you have, and how many customers you see every day, the kind of roll-off containers you need will vary. For restaurants and those working in the food services industry, they require more waste removal services than a company that only produces a small amount of paper recycling each week. 

As your company’s needs will be unique to you and similar businesses, you will need to know how to figure out how to choose your roll-off containers best. Make sure that when choosing roll-off containers, you rent them from a reputable company. 

Types of Materials

The first thing you need to consider when choosing roll-off containers is the types of materials you will most often be disposing of. If you have large bulky items that you will be throwing out, you will need larger containers. It would be best if you also thought about how big of an outdoor trash area you have. You may need to get a smaller roll-off container and have it emptied more often. 

If you work with an expert, they can determine if you need a dumpster for recycled goods, organics, or general trash. Once you determine your size, you can figure out how frequently you need it to be emptied. 

Roll-off containers for construction sites
Depending on the size of your items your container size will also change.

What Can Go in Your Dumpster?

What can go in your dumpster all comes down to what type of dumpster it is. If you have a dumpster designated for recyclables like cardboard, paper, and plastic, you should only be throwing these items inside. If you have an organic materials dumpster, the same rule applies. 

If you work with a sanitation expert, they can outline their different types of roll-off containers, so that you can make a choice based the type of trash your business produces.

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