How Restaurants and Markets Can Minimize Food Waste

go easy on red meat.

If you run a restaurant, you will need to make sure that your garbage is properly disposed of. Not only this, but you also should be thinking of ways to reduce the overall amount of trash that you produce. Many businesses that work in the food service industry are often working at a fast-pace and don’t consider the amount of garbage they are producing. 

If you work with a sanitation expert, they can help minimize commercial food waste. Every business should be striving to cut down their waste, whether it’s food or plastic packaging.

How to Eliminate Food Waste at Your Restaurant

One of the best ways to eliminate food at your restaurant is to plan a menu and shop accordingly. You should always be keeping track of expiration dates to use what is about to expire and not something that you just purchased. Sometimes it also helps only to buy what you need. Sometimes it is easy to buy things in bulk because you got a better deal; however, you may throw most of the stuff out.

You should also be thinking about how many customers you get each day and their favorite dishes. If you find there are some menu items that no one seems to order, it may even be advised to take these off your menu so that you only need to buy a specific group of foods each week and you know that you were going to be using these without throwing too much in the trash. By taking these steps, you can help minimize commercial food waste.

Buy food you need only for the week ahead.

Create Menu Items That Can Incorporate Items That Didn’t Sell During the Week

Another way that you can minimize commercial food waste is by getting creative. You can incorporate any food that didn’t sell throughout the week into new dishes and put them on the menu as featured items. This way, you can use up everything and make sure you aren’t throwing good food in the trash.

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