How Much Waste Does Your Wardrobe Choices Produce?

Ways to reduce waste

Have you ever thought of your clothing in relation to how much waste you produce each year? You would be blown away by how much clothing waste people produce every year, and it is because they are not buying the right types. If you want to reduce the amount of clothing waste that you produce, you need to start rethinking the types of pieces that you are buying.

sustainable wardrobe consists of high-quality pieces that are going to last a long time. When you buy clothes that are cheap and that you are going to want to replace later down the line, you are only further contributing to the problem. But what else is considered a sustainable wardrobe?

Sustainable Wardrobe Choices

When it comes to sustainable wardrobe choices, it is all about quality. You want things made with high-quality fabrics that can guarantee they last you for the next five years. A piece of clothing that only lasts six months is not going to be worth the small savings you probably got when you made the purchase.

People often hesitate to buy expensive high-quality clothing, but they don’t realize that they spend more on cheaply-made products that they throw out. With high-quality products that have been sold by a fair trade business, using ethical and sustainable materials, you can ensure you are buying a sustainable wardrobe.

Green Laundry Routine
Recycle your clothes and buy from thrift stores.

Minimize Clothing Waste

Another great way that you can reduce clothing waste is by purchasing pre-worn items. If you visit a second-hand store, you can find high-quality goods, and you are reusing something. The more people shop at thrift stores, the less they spend on fast fashion, which ultimately ends up in a landfill. Once you are done with your clothes, rather than throw out, donate or give away so you aren’t adding to the garbage pile.

If you want to learn more about sustainable wardrobe and decrease your carbon footprint, you will need to make some changes. 

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