How Aluminum Cans Are Better Than Plastic Bottles

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When you look around the grocery store and think about which product to buy, do you consider items that are better for recycling? Plastic bottles are items that people buy every day, and don’t think twice about their recyclability. Plastic bottles do not recycle as many times as aluminum cans, so you should choose aluminum over plastic when you are buying goods at a store. 

Aluminum Cans Are Infinitely Recyclable

It would be best to think about how many times an item can be recycled when trying to curb your carbon footprint. Suppose you think you are being environmentally conscious by purchasing many plastic water bottles and putting them in the recycling bin. In that case, these bottles are most likely going to end up in a landfill somewhere. 

If the plastic has been made from already recycled plastic and you recycle it, it will be thrown into the garbage. On the other hand, aluminum cans can always be recycled and used to make new consumer goods. 

Recycle plastic, cans, and paper.
Plastic does not recycle as many times as aluminum.

Aluminum Cans Are More Energy Efficient Than Plastic Bottles

One of the best recycling tips is to buy more aluminum cans in the place of plastic bottles. These cans require much less energy to recycle than plastic alternatives. They are lightweight and quick to cool, which means there will be less energy used for transportation and refrigerating the items. 

You will find that once you switch to aluminum cans over plastic bottles when buying soda or other products, your carbon footprint won’t only be smaller but will have more room in your recycling bin each week. 

If you need more recycling tips, contact Sunrise Sanitation today. With a bit of help, you will become more environmentally friendly while also ensuring your recycling bins are not overflowing at the end of each week. 

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