Homeowners Have a Choice in Waste Management Services

Make your home green

Most homeowners don’t realize that they have a choice when it comes to waste management services. So, why not choose a waste management service that is right for you. Here’s what to look for in a residential waste management service.

Residential waste management service

Choosing garbage collection service
Look for a prompt and reliable garbage collection service.

You have a choice when it comes to waste management for your home, so when you buy a new home, or you’re unhappy with your current service, do a bit of research and find a garbage removal service that can keep up with your needs. We know that consumers are being more careful when they choose the companies they work with, so here are a few things that we think are important to consider when choosing your waste management service.

Ask around and look at reviews

The first thing you want from a waste management service is reliability. You don’t want trash to pile up. First of all, a pile of garbage bags and overflowing bins are unsightly and stinky. But, reliable trash pick up is about more than just vanity. There are health risks to consider, as well. Of course, no business is going to tell you that they are unreliable. But, their customer reviews will, so do a bit of independent research. Talk to your neighbors about their service, and read online reviews.

Variety of services

Residential recycling services
Look for recycling services and environmental consciousness.

Every customer is different. A new homeowner may need extra garbage service, in the beginning, to deal with moving mess and large amounts of garbage. You may have construction projects and need extra trash containers, storage units, or dumpsters. Find a company that has services that will fit all of your needs so that you will only ever have to deal with one waste management company.


Waste management and the environment go hand in hand. Make sure that your waste management company has recycling services and work to help minimize waste and protect the environment. Find a waste management company that has been recognized for their recycling efforts and environmental responsibility.

Sunrise Sanitation has provided prompt, professional, and reasonable prices for waste management and recycling services to homes in West Virginia and Maryland for over 40 years. We believe that each customer is a privilege and it is our pleasure to serve every customer to the best of our ability.

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