Guilt-Free Recycling Tips for Beginners

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It may seem like the whole world is “woke” to the necessity and importance of recycling. You may even have a few neighbors that are living a zero-waste lifestyle, which can make anyone feel guilty about their lack of recycling efforts. If you aren’t recycling, don’t let the recycling die-hards discourage you from making recycling a part of your lifestyle. Here are our guilt-free recycling tips for beginners.

Recycling for beginners

Recycling for beginners

It doesn’t matter when you started recycling, it only matters that you are recycling. We’re not mad that you came late to the recycling party, we’re just glad you showed up. The hardest part about recycling is getting started. The best place to start recycling is in the home.

How to start recycling?

The first step is to check with your waste management program to find out if they offer recycling services. At Sunrise Sanitation, we provide recycling services for your home, business, and job-site. Once you’ve separated your recyclables, we’ll pick them up and make sure they get taken to the recycling plant. All you have to do is to learn the simple rules of cleaning and separating your recyclables from the rest of your household trash.

Start simple

Once you have your blue recycling container, you’re one step closer to recycling. Place the recycling bin close to the trash bin to make it easier to separate recyclables from trash. If the recycling bin is in a convenient location, it becomes much easier to remember to recycle.

Begin with the kitchen

The majority of your recyclables are going to come from the kitchen, so start there. Once you’ve gotten the hang of recycling the stuff from your kitchen, you can begin adding rooms, like the bathroom. Before you know it, you’re recycling everything, including composting food waste for your garden.

What to recycle?

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Start with the most apparent recyclables like paper, plastic, aluminum, and glass. Familiarize yourself with the rules of recycling, mainly that you need to wash out and clean your recyclables. The biggest recycling mistake is contaminating your recycling with food waste and grease.

Sunrise Sanitation provides waste management and recycling services for your home, business, and job-site in West Virginia and Maryland.

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