What Goes Into Garbage Removal?

Auditing waste production at home for waste management

When we take out the trash, we rarely think about what happens to it once it is out of our hands. Garbage removal is very costly,  and it requires a lot of organization. Up to twenty industries are involved for just removing your trash from the street! It is a significant and serious business to which we should give a lot more consideration. From categorizing to gathering and disposing of, the consequences for us as well as for the environment are dead serious.

Up to twenty industries are involved for just removing it from the street!
To us, it is all trash.


To us, it is just trash, yet it falls into two main categories: the total solid waste or TSW and the municipal solid waste or MSW. The TSW is the amount produced in the whole country, while the MSW is the amount produced in municipalities. Each person consumes an average of 4 pounds of solid waste per day; the total amount is enormous. The next phase consists of classifying it into various categories: reusable, recyclable, etc. Programs are used to separate the wastes for collection and disposal. The actual trash collection is in the middle stage of the waste management programs.

Stages of Waste Management

Trash management has six distinctive stages. The first two consist of the generation and the storage; they deal with consumers sorting the waste in its own collection cans. Next, the collection; this is about the municipality organizing trash collection, or consumers taking it to designated places. Following that, the trash is separated into either non-reusable waste or in recycled or reprocessed goods.


Waste management companies provide solutions that are not only responsible for the well being of the public, but also for protecting the environment against toxic waste. A good garbage collection is not only involved in improving 

The management has six distinctive stages
Stages of waste management

recycling, but also in taking control of contaminants and pollutants by making sure that they are not released.

Sunrise Sanitation counts with over 30 years of experience in waste removal and management. We proud ourself for our fast, efficient, and clean service, as well as for our customer service that is always at hand for advice on recycling and trash disposal. It may not seem like a very glamorous occupation, yet, if it were not done well and professionally, the world would not be such a good place to be.


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