Eliminating Single Use Plastic and Takeout Boxes

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It is now common knowledge that the oceans are filled with plastic. Single-use plastics make up a large portion of disposable cutlery and drinking containers. If you are someone who likes to get take-out food, you may notice that there is always a ton of junk left over when you’re finished. 

If you’re hoping to adopt more eco-friendly habits, you should be thinking about eliminating single-use plastics and take-out boxes from your daily routine and reducing waste overall.

The Pandemic Has Seen a Spike in Take-out Trash and Single-Use Plastics

Since the beginning of the pandemic, more people have been ordering take-out. As a result, there has been a spike in take-out trash and single-use plastic. If you’re looking to get back on track, you want to think about reducing waste

You can start by eliminating single-use items from your life again. Rather than eating out all the time, try buying whole foods and making your lunches. You can also make sure that you are using reusable lunch containers and water bottles to limit you from producing large amounts of waste each day.

Daily garbage pick-ups may be necessary to guarantee cleanliness.
Reducing waste starts with eliminating sing-use plastics.

Household Trash Has Increased by Up to 25% Due to The Pandemic 

As there has been such an increase in household trash, everybody should be looking for ways to eliminate single-use plastics. Most delivery services put their take-out containers in packaging that is not recyclable or compostable. 

You can either find a restaurant that uses compostable or recyclable containers, or you can choose to make your food at home. Reducing waste is not easy, and it will require you to rethink some of the strategies you have in place already.

If you work with a sanitation expert like Sunrise Sanitation, they can give you tips for reducing waste and dispose of trash the right way.

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