Eliminate Single-Use Plastic Utensils at Your Next Picnic Or BBQ

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In terms of pollutions, plastic is the worst thing that has happened to our planet, so it’s actually really rude of us to sit outdoors to appreciate nature using the very tools that are destroying it: single-serving plastic utensils. The next time you throw a back-yard BBQ or head to the park for a picnic, make sure you use eco-friendly products. If not, there won’t be a lot of nature for us to enjoy.

Reduce plastic pollution
Reduce plastic pollution at your next picnic and BBQ.

Stop using disposable plastic products

Making your next picnic or BBQ eco-friendly is simple enough. Stop buying disposable utensils, cups, containers, and straws and replace them with reusable or biodegradable products. You can also make your picnic and BBQ more stylish with non-disposable items.

Eco-friendly picnic and BBQ gear

The trick with eating outdoors is that you don’t want anything that is breakable. For one, cleaning up a broken glass in the park is a pain, and you risk leaving shards of glass behind. Second, breakable items are usually heavy and will weigh you down. Invest in some non-breakable, reusable plates and containers.

Reusable is fashion forward

Single-use plastic products will only cheapen the decorative style of your set-up. Create a much better atmosphere and ambiance with stylish reusable picnic and BBQ gear. There is a lot of cute and sturdy Tupperware containers out there, as well as, reusable plates and utensils. You can also get acrylic glasses in all shapes and sizes. You can get acrylic glasses for every beverage, so you don’t all have to drink out of the red solo cup. In fact, it’s time we retired the red solo cups. We can remember them fondly, but they are not sustainable and are bad for the planet.

Eco-friendly picnic and BBQ
Get fancy and fashionable reusable and non-breakable plates and glasses.

Recycle single-use plastic products

Before you switch to reusable and eco-friendly picnic and BBQ gear, make sure you dispose of all of your plastic products responsibly. Sunrise Sanitation has recycling drop-off centers throughout West Virginia and Maryland.

To sign up for waste management services and recycling for your home, business, or job-site contact Sunrise Sanitation. We’ll make sure that all waste is disposed of responsibly and with minimal impact on our environment.

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