Eco Friendly Businesses Attract More Customers

Eco-friendly businesses going green

Social and environmental responsibility is becoming more and more important in our modern world, and customers are beginning to show it. Customers are now beginning to demand more social and environmental responsibility from the businesses they frequent, and the businesses that are keeping up are seeing more success than their competitors.

Attract More Customers By Being Eco Friendly

The numbers don’t lie: 89% of consumers want the businesses they support to be socially and eco friendly business. That means implementing a recycling program, reducing the amount of waste your business produces, or providing eco-friendly products. Customers are increasingly more willing to pay a little extra if it means they can patronize an eco friendly business.

How Can Businesses Take Advantage?

Colorful recycling bins
Keep clearly marked recycling bins at your place of business to encourage recycling!

Businesses should start simple. Start your own recycling program, and advertise that you have one. Encourage your customers to recycle by keeping recycling bins around your place of business and provide clear signage on how recycling should be separated and organized. Take steps to minimize the waste you’re producing by using recyclable packaging and encourage the use of reusable bags. You can even sell reusable bags with your logo for a bit of extra income and free advertising!

For restaurants, avoid handing out single-use plastics whenever possible and only give out straws when asked. Businesses that are enterprising their brand may even consider selling their own reusable straws or cutlery emblazoned with their logo. This is a great way to do something good for the environment, attract more customers, and boost your brand image, all at the same time. Take these easy first steps to begin transforming your business into an eco-friendly one.

To keep up with the demands of customers, businesses need to become more eco-friendly. Connecting with a reliable waste management service is your next step. Contact us at Sunrise Sanitation Services to get waste management services that are tailored to your business. 

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