Don’t Let Electronic Waste End Up In Nature

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E-waste or electronic waste is the term used to describe electronic products or appliances that have reached the end of their ‘useful life.’ These can be anything from mobile phones to televisions, microwaves, fax machines, batteries, motherboards, etc.

These electronics and their components can always be recycled, reused, resold, or disposed of responsibly. Many recycling firms exist to take e-waste and recycle it. To help you understand the devastating impacts that these appliances can have on the environment, here is a breakdown of what happens when electronic waste ends up in nature.

Electronic Waste Contains Substances That Are Harmful to Humans

Electronics are built with zinc, nickel, lead, barium, chromium, and other metals that are harmful to the environment. As a heavy metal, lead is especially dangerous as it causes harm to the kidneys, nervous systems, bones, and brains of humans that come into contact with it.

There are also other heavy metals like mercury that are carcinogenic. When this waste is burned, toxic substances such as hydrocarbons are released into the atmosphere and pollute the air.

Don’t forget to permanently destroy media on old backup devices before discarding them.

E-waste Destroys the Soil and Natural Water Sources

As electronic waste breaks down, it negatively affects the soil when it releases heavy metals, flame retardants, and other compounds. These are taken up by plants and trees, then transferred to animals and humans that eat them within the food chain.

These toxic substances can also seep into the groundwater, where most surface lakes, seas, and rivers get their water supplies. These toxins then harm land animals, fish and other sea creatures that depend on the water.

What to Do to Keep Electronic Waste Off the Environment

Submit any electronic waste to an R2-certified e-waste recycling service to ensure that it is disposed of properly. These services offer drop-off locations for businesses and residents to recycle at home.

If you have e-waste to recycle, then make sure that you contact us at Sunrise Sanitation Services today to get it taken care of in an environmentally friendly way.

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