Don’t Know How to Get Rid of Those Sensitive Documents?

How to Shred and Safely Dispose of Sensitive Documents

Any business, whether it is a dental office or a marketing company, is going to have sensitive documents that they deal with on a regular basis. This could include banking information, client account passwords, or a wide range of other information. If this were to get into the wrong hands, then it could be a huge disaster. That’s why you need to know how to properly get rid of these sensitive documents.

Sensitive Document Disposal Options

Shredding documents
Shredding will free up space and ensure customer and employee confidentiality.

When it comes to getting rid of sensitive documents, you essentially have three possible options. You can either throw them away as is, burn them, or shred them. The problem with just throwing these documents away is that there is nothing stopping snoopy individuals from rummaging through the trash at any point between the garbage bin in your office and the landfill or recycling facility it ends up in. And burning isn’t much better since this is going to create a significant amount of pollution every time you want to dispose of sensitive documents. Therefore, shredding is the best option.

Why Shredding Sensitive Documents is the Best Choice

As soon as documents are put through a shredder, they become unreadable and therefore, unusable. So your sensitive information remains perfectly secure.

And this option can also be environmentally-friendly when using a commercial shredding service because they are able to shred mass amounts of documents for you and then bundle these paper strips together to form large bales of recycled paper. These bales are then sent off to recycling facilities and become other recycled paper products.

As you can see, the only viable option for disposing of sensitive documents is to have them shredded. If you want to start shredding your commercial documents, then make sure to contact us at Sunrise Sanitation Services.

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