Cutting Down on Paper Products in the Office

Office becoming a paperless office

Paper is usually one of the biggest sources of waste found at the office. Documents are being printed, photocopied, and shredded all the time, so it’s no wonder that so much of it goes into the trash. To prevent paper from ending up in the landfill, here are tips you can follow to turn your workplace into a paperless office.

Go Digital and Shop Smart

Going digital can eliminate the bulk of paper waste in the office. On top of that, going digital can streamline your office procedures too; digital documents are easier to share, can be sent over long distances, and are less likely to become lost.

If you absolutely can’t start a paperless office, be smart about the office supplies you purchase. Buy paper and other office supplies in bulk to minimize delivery packaging waste. Start a recycling program in the office for paper, cardboard, plastics, and more.

woman trying to get rid of paper to make paperless office
Going paperless can help your office be much more productive.

Reduce Your Mail

Mail is another large contributor to office paper waste. Whenever possible, go digital with your mail. Pay your bills online, and keep electronic records instead of paper records. Not only will you be able to get things in the office done faster, but you’ll save up room that would otherwise be used to store paper documents. If you work in an industry where documents need to be regularly updated, going digital can also cut down the amount of time you spend locating documents that need to be updated.

Going digital is one way for offices, including offices at home, to cut down on paper waste. The team at Sunrise Sanitation can handle any paper waste you do produce. We’ll make sure that any paper waste your office produces is regularly removed. Contact us today to get fast and friendly service. 

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