Corporate Shredding and Recycling of Confidential Documents

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In the day to day operations of a business, there is an incredible amount of sensitive data being passed around. There are memos, contracts, proposals, and all sorts of proprietary information that have to be handled with utmost sensitivity. Sunrise Sanitation now has regularly scheduled paper shredding services. Corporate shredding services are crucial in protecting your sensitive data and preventing private information from getting into the wrong hands.

Confidential corporate shredding services
Confidential and regular shredding of sensitive documents to protect your business.

Why shredding is crucial to your business

Proper destruction of sensitive data is critical to any business. It’s not enough to simply shred confidential documents, you also need to make sure that what you are shredding is going to be disposed of properly. If something is confidential, you need to make sure that it is kept confidential. Mishandling sensitive information and confidential documents can not only cause embarrassment for your company, your clients, and your investors, but a breach of confidentiality can be detrimental to your entire business. It is tough to bounce back once you have failed to protect sensitive information.

Confidential shredding services

You can protect all of your sensitive and confidential documents by signing up for Sunrise Shred, a regularly-scheduled paper shredding service. This service will give you peace of mind that all documents remain confidential. Sunrise Shred will provide lockable and tamper-proof containers to ensure daily-onsite protection until the regularly scheduled pick-up. We also provide a secure chain of custody and a certification of destruction after every service.

Corporate Shredding and Recycling Services
We recycle all documents after they’ve been securely shredded and destroyed.

Recycle confidential documents

Once we have securely destroyed your confidential documents, they will be recycled. We are as dedicated to providing quality and reliable service to our clients as we are to protecting the planet. All pulverized paper is 100% securely recycled at one of our facilities.

Sunrise Sanitation provides waste management services to your home, business, or job-site in West Virginia and Maryland. Our services now include Sunrise Shred to help our clients secure and destroy sensitive documents. Get a quote

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