Containers and Storage Units for Construction Sites and Remodeling Projects

Containers and storage units

Although we are always trying to minimize waste, sometimes we are going to need a few big containers and storage units to help us get through a construction or remodeling project. Thinking ahead and ordering some extra containers to contain all the extra trash is an essential step in a successful project.

Renting containers for construction or industrial site

Roll-off containers for construction sitesWhether you’re remodeling your master bath or you’re running a significant construction project, having additional containers and storage units are going to make your life much more comfortable. It will also make the life of your family and employees easier by keeping the construction site clean and safe from dangerous construction materials. But, containers are suitable for more than just waste materials.

Storage containers

When you remodel your home, you’ll need containers for storing furniture and other items that are going back into the house after the remodeling is done. For a construction site, you may need to have containers to securely and adequately store construction materials.

Roll-off containers

For all the extra trash, make sure you are thinking ahead and schedule the proper size roll-off containers, as well as delivery and pick-up service. At Sunrise Sanitation, we can also arrange for recycling services for your job-site. We are always looking to minimize our carbon footprint, even on major construction sites and home remodeling projects.

Container limitations

Dumpsters for construction sitesWe accept many things in our roll-off containers, but we do have a few restrictions. We do not accept:

  • Large Automobile Parts
  • Animal Carcasses
  • Propane Tanks
  • Liquids – such as motor oil, gasoline, or wet paint
  • Controlled Hazardous Substances
  • Household appliances and tires must be placed at the tailgate

At Sunrise Sanitation, we offer roll-off services to fit projects of all sizes from a small bathroom remodel to a long-term construction job. We will deliver to your home, business, or industrial site.

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