Conduct a Waste Assessment for Commercial Buildings

Daily garbage pick-ups may be necessary to guarantee cleanliness.

A business that operates a commercial building should, as part of their facility maintenance duties, undertake a waste assessment for commercial buildings. This process involves several steps. 

The first step is to identify the types of waste that your business or facility generates.

Waste Assessment for Commercial Buildings

The first step is to identify the types of waste that your business or facility generates, as well as the amounts. This includes garbage, recycling, and compost. When identifying the amounts of waste generated, make notes on whether or not there is an opportunity to reduce the amount of waste or increase the amount of recycling that is collected. 

Next, identify which areas you are most wasteful. This includes areas of the building, and commercial operations, and include all departments within the business. When making note of the most wasteful areas, jot down observations of easy to reduce waste in these areas. 

The next step is to look for ways to easily reduce material waste. Some possibilities include reducing packaging waste by buying in bulk or changing the type of materials you buy. By shopping around, you may find products that are more sustainable or are sold with less packaging waste. 

Encourage Waste Reduction

The last step in your waste assessment for commercial buildings is to encourage waste reduction among tenants. This can be especially helpful in office buildings and corporate complexes. Depending on what you discovered in your earlier steps, you may need to provide more recycling containers or make it easier for people to recycle. 

Another option is to reward tenants for reducing waste. In multi-tenant buildings, this could be in the form of competition between businesses. People will be more likely to reduce their trash output and increase their recycling efforts when they know there is a reward attached.

You can also send out reminders about recycling or monthly notices of how much waste was reduced compared to the previous month, so that people can see progress in their waste reduction efforts. 

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