Common Apartment Waste Management Solutions

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Whatever the size of your apartment complex, or how many you manage, your waste management systems should be reliable and easy to use. If it doesn’t fit these two things, then we need to think through why not.

If you are having issues in this area, one of the following tips may help you and the systems you have in place.

6 ways to help you make your waste system easy to use

  1. Expand your trash areas. Make a note as to how much space your residents need for their trash. You may need to expand your bin area to include more bins or add a larger commercial dumpster to the sight. If you are unable to do this, you could also add additional pickup days. A third option is to place multiple convenient disposal areas that include both waste and recyclable collection bins, making it more suitable for your residents to dispose of their waste.
  2. Include a recycling program in your waste management system. If you do not have one, a recycling program is not only great for the environment but also for the volume of waste collected. With people moving in and out, cardboard boxes can become a big issue in your complex, especially if not flattened. By arranging for these to be broken down and recycled, you will be helping the environment and getting rid of an issue.

    provide a recycling program
    Benefits of recycling and how to get started
  3. Communicate your system. You need to communicate with your tenants often and clearly what policies you have for waste disposal. You can do this by adequately displaying directions to where the collection areas are. Require that all bags are tied. Make sure the pickup schedule fits the needs of your building. Lastly, make sure you communicate rules like flattening all cardboard to the tenants. That might include regular scheduled large item pick up days.
  4. Address large size items.  Often, large items like couches or refrigerators begin to pile up and cause problems if not handled correctly. Plan, communicate, and adopt a system that addresses these large items and issues they create.
  5. Control unauthorized dumping. Contractors that are hired by management or residents fill up the collection space with debris from landscaping or renovations. Institute a policy that all vendors must haul and dispose of their trash off your premises.
  6. Prepare for seasonal issues. Every year the holiday season comes, and residents tend to have more waste during this season due to extra shopping, gift-giving, and parties. It would be good to schedule additional pickups during these times. Weather issues can also cause havoc to interfere with waste management systems by delaying pick-ups. Even though this is unpredictable, it is crucial to communicate these possibilities with the residents.

Sunrise Sanitation offers solutions for your commercial and residential properties, and if we can help you with your waste management issues, contact us today.

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