How to clean your outdoor trash can

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How to Keep Pest Out of GarbageCleaning the outdoor trash can is far from exciting and not exactly a job that most people want to volunteer to do. Yet if it’s not cleaned it regularly or adequately, that uncontrollable stink can attract flies, maggots, mice, and rats that will feed on that pile of trash and decay.

A good scrub using an eco-friendly cleaner and being mindful of your household waste will go a long way, preventing that stench and unwanted pests.

Cleaning your outside trash bin

Give it a good scrub

Move your trash can to a suitable location that is close to a water source and a drain, making the process easier and quicker. Remove the larger pieces of trash and debris that might still be in the trash can.  Pour hot soapy water in the trash can and let soak if need be. If you are planning on dumping the water out into a drain or in your yard, we would recommend using an eco-friendly cleaner.

Now grab a mop and use it to remove any dirt and grime that is in the trash can. When you are happy, dump the water out, rinse out the container, and let it air dry.

Deodorize Smelly trash cans

A smelly trash can is an unpleasant issue many of us deal with, primarily if its location is near your house or where you park your cars. Here are a few tips to keep the smell at bay.

  1. Use the above cleaning method to clean your trash cans regularly.
  2. As soon as you collect your bins, hose it out with extra strength soap and water and let air dry.
  3. If you are still struggling with a stinky trash can, splash some vinegar in the bin, add a bucket of hot water and let it sit for an hour before emptying the can and letting air dry.
  4. You can also leave a generous amount of baking soda inside the can overnight to help absorb the smell.
  5. Once the bin is dry, add some newspapers at the bottom of the bin to absorb any liquids. That will help accelerate the decomposing process that is creating the smell.

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