Choosing Glass Over Plastic Will Make Your Home Cleaner and Greener

Reduce trash bill

A green home deserves to be filled with green products. When you buy products for your home, you need to pay attention to the materials that are being used. When it comes to storage containers, especially in the kitchen you often get a choice between buying glass containers and plastic containers. Here’s why you should choose glass over plastic.

Glass vs. plastic

Glass vs. Plastic

Plastic is convenient and cheap which is why it has become such a popular material. Unfortunately, convenient and cheap is often not good for the environment. The production of plastic generates more toxic emissions than the production of glass. Plastic is also not biodegradable, spending an eternity on our shores, in our parks, cities, and oceans doing damage to the environment.

Glass products are better for the environment

Not only does plastic production cause more harm to the environment, but when we buy plastic products we often buy more than we need. Again, this is because it’s cheap and convenient. Plastic containers often come in larger quantities than glass containers. More plastic, more pollution. Buying glass is going to minimize toxic emissions and help the environment.

Glass gets reused and recycled more than plastic

Glass vs. PlasticBecause plastic is cheap and convenient we also treat it will less regard. We’re more likely to toss a plastic container in the trash than a glass container. That means that glass containers get reused and recycled much more than plastic.

Glass is less toxic

Plastic isn’t just toxic to the environment, it can be toxic to our health. Chemicals can seep into our food and drinks. Because of the chemicals contained in plastic, glass is a safer material to store foods and beverages.

Food stored in glass containers taste better

When you store your food and beverages in a glass container they will also come out tasting cleaner and fresher than if you stored them in plastic.

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