Boost Your Business with a Recycling Program

Recycling bins to encourage recycling programs

Clean air and a healthier planet should be reward enough for any business to implement a recycling program at work. But business owners will be happy to know that a recycling program has benefits, as well. Boost your business by recycling at work.

Recycling can save you money

Recycling at workIf you start a recycling program at work you might be able to save a buck or two. First of all, if you look at the trash at work and see how much of it is recyclable, you will be able to reduce your waste significantly. Reducing the amount of waste, that waste management services have to pick up every week, could reduce your trash collection costs.

Trade old computers for new computers

When you make upgrades to your tech, like computers, phones, tablets, etc. see if you can’t turn in old technology that can be used for parts, or be refurbished. Turning in your old tech when you buy new tech might get you a discount. And you know that your old tech isn’t ending up in a landfill, but being recycled and put to good use.

Recycling is good for your brand

Consumers are becoming more and more conscious of the products and services that they buy. Many look to businesses that share their views, and eco-consciousness is a big selling point for many consumers. By advertising that you have a recycling program and that you do your part to protect the environment can boost your clientele.

Employees want to recycle at work

Recycling services for businessesMany of your employees recycle at home. They will appreciate that they can also recycle at work. Plus, eco-conscious employees will want to work for an eco-conscious business. A recycling program can be part of retaining employees. And any business owner knows that happy employees are loyal and productive employees. If employees are happy, there is less turnover, and that will save you money.

Recycling services for businesses in Maryland and West Virginia

Talk to us about our recycling services for businesses. We can provide you with dumpsters and recycling bins to help you start a recycling program at work. And we have free recycling centers throughout West Virginia and Maryland.

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