Beginners Guide to Composting: How and Why


If you’ve been following our blogs, you should be getting the hang of how to recycle most materials in your home. Now it’s time to take that next step and start a composting bin. The benefits are numerous, and it’s not as hard (or stinky) as it sounds.

Why is composting important?

We need to minimize the waste in our landfills. These days, about 30% of our waste is food and organic matter. By starting a compost bin, we can significantly reduce the burden we’re putting on our landfills. It will reduce the pollution and greenhouse gas emissions that landfills produce. Composting will not only benefit everyone on the planet, but it will also have a few excellent benefits to your yard and your nose.

Easy Ways to Tackle Trash Can Odors
Eliminate food odors from your trash by starting a composting bin.

Eliminate trash can odors

Throwing food waste into the trash is only going to create a big stinky mess. By the time the trash day comes around, you may have already noticed the foul odors of rotting food waste. If not, you’ve undoubtedly seen the flies flying around. By starting a compost bin, you can eliminate bugs and foul odors in the home.

Create fertilizer

All you need is a little space in your backyard and a bin or container. You can also order compost bins online or buy them at a gardening center or hardware store. Keeping your compost in the back will keep the fertilizer smell away from your home. And, it’s the fertilizer that is the gold that you create from composting. Once you’ve added a few days worth of organic materials to your enclosed composting bin, it will slowly start to break down. What you have left is rich fertilizer that will benefit your garden.

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