Avoid a Global Warming Meltdown at the Thanksgiving Table

Debating with a climate denier

Thanksgiving is coming! With all the things we are thankful for, there are always going to be differences of opinion when the whole extended family is gathered. That makes for some energized and heated discussions around the Thanksgiving table. Besides politics and religion, global warming is a hot button topic these days, and many people believe that it’s “fake news.” So, here are some tips for dealing with climate change deniers this Thanksgiving.

Why people doubt global warming?

Debating with a climate change denier
Reusing, reducing, recycling, and refusing will keep your community, parks, river, and oceans clean and trash-free.

When it comes to climate change and global warming, the people who doubt the science aren’t so much doubting that the planet is getting hotter, they are simply denying that we the people have any influence on these changes. They believe that the rise and fall of temperatures are going to happen regardless of whether we burn plastic or harness the power of the wind, sun, and water.

Debating with a climate change denier

The trick to debating with a climate change denier or skeptic isn’t to try to dispute their belief with more scientific facts, because they have already rejected scientific fact. The best way to debate with a climate denier is to try to make the problem relatable and to bring it into perspective. When we hear about climate change and global warming the problem seems so insurmountable that we become so overwhelmed that it’s easier just to ignore it, or deny it, because solving it would be impossible. Plus, many reports talk about a deadline that is so distant in the future that it becomes too abstract.

Reduce Trash

Science or not, we all get sick of seeing trash on the streets, in our parks, and on the beach. Don’t talk about how reusing, reducing, recycling, and refusing will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but talk about how this will help keep our community clean and trash free. Who can argue the benefits of having less trash?

Clean air

How to talk to skeptics about climate change
Breathe cleaner air and reduce health risks by reusing, reducing, recycling, and refusing.

They may not believe that man-made pollution affects global temperatures, but it’s hard to deny that alternative energy like sun, water, and wind will make the air cleaner and fresher to breathe. Clean air is good for our health, and the health of our children. No one is going to argue with providing a cleaner future for our kids.

Job creation

Innovation leads to job creation. By focusing on alternative energy we are creating a whole new industry, an industry that will generate hundreds of thousands of new jobs. The alternative energy industry is also more labor intensive than the fossil fuel industry, so it has more potential to create jobs.

Improved health benefits

Alternative energy sources are renewable without having to drill, frack, or mine, which can cause environmental problems and health risks. Working with alternative and renewable energy is healthier and less risky than working in the fossil fuel industry. This is good news for the people in the energy industry, and for people who are worried about being able to afford healthcare.

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. If you need extra trash and recycling pickup during the holidays, either for your place of business or your home contact Sunrise Sanitation.

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