How to Keep Animals and Pests Out of Garbage

How to Keep Pest Out of Garbage

Protecting Your Trash From Hungry Animals and Pests

Garbage that is not securely stored may attract bugs, cockroaches, rodents, and many other insects that can become pests quickly. Don’t let this happen to you. Fortunately, you can keep animals and pests from invading your garbage bins – and your home or business – by limiting access to your trash and taking steps to minimize garbage odors.

Spray Ammonia

Before using ammonia to avoid intruders reaching your garbage, you should clean it. Use a soapy solution and then spray it with ammonia or use bleach or vinegar.

Install Motion Lights

If you have this type of light outdoors, place your garbage bin near one of the sensors. As the critters come closer to the trash can, the light will come on and frequently scare them away.

In sum, it is recommended to keep organic trash in the kitchen only. Place the trash in a can with a lid, and make sure to empty it daily. It is recommended for cans that are placed outside to have self-closing lids along with tight seals. Also, make sure to regularly clean and sanitize all exterior and interior recycling bins and trash receptacles.

Use Double Bags During the Summer

minimize garbage odorsDuring the hottest months, the extreme heat can cause food waste to rot faster and make its odors emit even more than any other season of the year. Using two bags instead of one can help keep smells inside of them during the summer. Double bagging means that you will have an additional barrier for the odors to travel through.

A bit of precaution is all it takes to keep your trash intact until your next pick-up service.

Need Residential Pick-Up Services?

Sunrise Sanitation offers residential service that includes weekly curbside trash pickup and monthly bulky item pickup. We also provide optional services such as roll-off containers and a 24/7 recycling drop-off center. Contact us for more information on how we can help.

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