Adidas Makes a Big Play in the Fight Against Plastic Pollution

Why recycling matters

Almost 20 years ago, the Beastie Boys told us to rock our Adidas, and today, Adidas is telling us why we need to keep rocking Adidas products. The sportswear giant has pledged to stop using virgin plastics by the year 2024.

Consumer responsibility

Sustainable consumerism
Choose corporations that prioritize corporate social responsibility and eco-conscious practices.

When it comes to saving the planet, we all need to play our part. We can’t sit around and wait for others to do it, we have to lead by example and hope that everyone wakes up to the reality that we are drowning in waste, and most of that waste is plastic. As consumers start to express a bigger and bigger desire to buy sustainable products, more and more corporations are making sustainability their mission. Adidas is one of those companies, vowing to stop using new, or “virgin” plastics in any of their products. So, if you’re making a list of companies that align with your environmental ethics, then you can add Adidas to that list.

Eliminating virgin plastics

Starting this year, 2018, Adidas is starting to phase out all new plastics, including polyester, in their products. Polyester is a popular material used in sportswear, as it is light and quick drying, but it stays behind long after the clothing is rendered useless. Polyester adds to the micro-plastic problem that is destroying the ocean and marine life. The production of polyester is also extremely harmful, so this is a big win for the planet.

Reducing 40 tons of plastic

Reduce plastic pollution
Adidas will save 40 tons of plastic a year by eliminating the use of virgin plastic.

By 2024, Adidas hopes to have cut out all virgin plastics, reducing 40 tons of plastic per year. The company also plans to cut out new plastics in their offices, warehouses, distribution centers, and all areas of production.

Shop Responsibly

If you want to do your part to minimize waste and reduce plastic pollution, research the companies that you buy from, and see if they make responsible choices in their production so that you can reward them with your guilt-free business. Adidas is just the latest in a line of companies that are prioritizing corporate social responsibility and eco-conscious practices. Companies like Starbucks, McDonald’s, and IKEA are also making big efforts to eliminate single-use plastics and reduce plastic pollution.

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